New PC / Windows Configuration - Operating System Configuration

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To ensure that Retailer operates as intended, the following needs to be configured before installing and using Retailer. 

Computer Names and Usernames

  • Server computer name set to MAIN and username MAIN1. 
    Terminal computers names set to POS1, POS2 etc. and username POS01, POS02 etc.
    NOTE: This is just the recommended naming structure. If you have existing names, you can retain them.
  • The Workgroup needs to match on all computers.
  • All computers need to have the username for every computer. For example, if you have MAIN1, POS01 & POS02, all three usernames need to be set up on every computer.
    The password can differ between usernames but must be the same on each computer.
    NOTE: Tower Systems does not keep a record of your usernames and/or passwords. Please keep a record of them somewhere safe.
  • Ensure that the user accounts are set to Enabled and Password Never Expires through Computer Management.
  • Allow log on through Remote Desktop for those users only. (Applies to multi-store users only)
  • Enable User Account Control and set it to only prompt when applications try to make changes.
    NOTE: You may encounter delays when processing vouchers through eziPass. If this is the case, you can disable User Account Control but this will prevent Windows Store apps such as Microsoft Edge & Calculator from running.


  • Set up static IP addresses and disable IPv6.
  • Set network location as Work Network or Private Network.
  • Enable Network Discovery, File and Printer Sharing and Using User Accounts/Passwords to Connect to Other Computers.
  • Turn off file sharing wizards through Folder Options.
  • Share hard drives of all computers using a share name of C and provide Full Control to Everyone.
  • Configure network drive mapping on client terminals - C: drive of server mapped to N: drive on clients terminals.
  • Disable using Remote Desktop Easy Print driver through Administrative Templates in Group Policy Editor. (Applies to multi-store users only).

Drive & Folder Options

  • Provide Full Control for the logged-in user to the C:\EDI and C:\Tower folder under the Security tab.
  • Show extensions for known file types through Folder Options.

Other Settings

  • Display settings minimum of 1024x768 (16 bit or higher).
  • Set the Regional and Language settings to English (Australia) and ensure that the date formats are set to DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Set default keyboard to English (US).
  • Power Management set to never turn off monitor or put computer to Sleep Mode.

Additional Software to Install

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or newer.
  • Acrobat Reader


  • Create full antivirus exception for the C:\Tower folder.
  • Create full firewall exceptions for the following files:
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\ActivateAllModules.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\MSOutpostServerV3.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\nxserver.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\RetailerV3.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\RetBackV3.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\TowerDBV3.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\wsServerSvc.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\RetEFT\RetEFT.exe
    • C:\Tower\Retailer\Program\RetEFT\WeblinkSvc.exe
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    A little more instruction around the "Disable User Account Control & Disable entering a username and password on logins" would be helpful.
    The previous downloadable PDF file has all the little bits covered off where this online version does not seem to be as comprehensive.

    Also latest operating system (Windows 8.x Professional) is not supported but getting a new PC with Win 7.x Professional is not easy or as cost effective (buying the downgrade pack from Microsoft).

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    Tower Support

    This article simply outlines the requirements for Windows and is not meant to be an instruction sheet on how to set this all up. That is a job better left to an IT professional or someone who knows how to configure Windows properly.

    In terms of Windows 8, it is still a relatively new Operating System (OS) and we haven't fully tested all aspects of Retailer on it yet. On top of that, the OS has undergone a couple of significant updates (Windows 8.1 & Windows 8.1 Update 1) that added further complications to our progress.