Refunding epay Sales

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To refund an E-pay sale, the process is the same as refunding any normal sale in Retailer. It will contact epay and request a refund on the voucher(s) sold in the sale.

  1. In the Point of Sale screen, click on the Previous Sales button or press [F3] on the keyboard and select the particular sale. Alternatively, scan/enter the barcode at the bottom of the receipt.
  2. Click on the Refund button.
  3. This will load the sale into Point of Sale as shown below.
  4. To refund the entire sale, press End Sale. Otherwise, delete the items not being refunded from the sale before pressing End Sale.
    You will be prompted to enter a reason for the refund. Select it from the drop-down box or click on Others and type one in.
  5. Select the payment type to refund to, and click OK to tender it.
    Click HERE for more information about reasons for refunds.
  6. The receipt will then show the refund.

If you try to refund the same sale again Retailer will only refund the items not previously refunded. Retailer will not let you refund a sale that has already been completely refunded.

We recommend performing separate transactions if you need to refund and sell a new voucher.

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