Setting up epay

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You will need to be using Retailer 3.0.1 or later to use epay

To install the latest version of Retailer and gain access to this feature, click HERE.


Even if you had epay through Ezipass, you will need to sign up with epay.

Click here to register for epay: 

You will need to choose >New retailer>Pos Providers>Tower Systems and follow the prompts to finalise the application.

Tower customers won’t be charged for terminal fees. Please email for fee related inquires.

Minimum transaction: minimum transaction volume is aligned with the terminal rental fee and has no impact to integrated Tower retailers, and no penalty fee as such.


epay will send you a Zip file containing your log in details, you will need these details in Step 6. The file will be password protected. Once you receive the Zip file, be ready for a call from epay. They will give you a password to unlock the file.
After epay has contacted you, follow the instructions below to setup.
NOTE: You will need to do this part of the setup on each computer that will use epay.
  1. From the main screen of Retailer, go to Setup -> Electronic vouchers
  2. Click the arrows at the top until the heading reading EZIPASS EPAY
  3. Ticked enabled and click save.
  4. Click Close.
  5. From the main screen of Retailer, go to Setup > Third Party >Epay Settings.
  6. Enter in the Username, Password and Terminal ID from the Zip file epay sent you.

    NOTE: Only type the details the are provided in the excel speadsheet

  7. Choose currency - AUD for Australia, NZD for New Zealand.
  8. In Import Department and Import Category, choose the department and category for the epay products that will import.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Import Product File (only if this was not already done on a different computer).
  11. Once import is finished, click Close.
  12. For additional computers goto Setup > Third Party > Epay setup. Enter the terminal ID and click Save then Close.

Adding button in Point of sale

In Point of Sale screen, you can access epay with the keyboard shortcut [CTRL] + E or with a button.

To add a button:

  1. Open Point of Sale.
  2. Click on the cog (gear button) on the top right.
  3. Click Edit at the bottom.
  4. Click on the button you want to make the epay button.
  5. In Button Type, select Action.
  6. In Action Type, select epay.
  7. Click on the cog (gear button) on the top right.
  8. Click Save.


epay has requested that as part of the setup process you sell and then refund a $15 Optus voucher to confirm epay is working correctly.

NOTE: You will need to do this part of the setup on each computer that will use epay.
  1. Go into Point of Sale.
  2. Open epay, click the POS button (if already setup) or use the shortcut [CTRL] + E.
  3. Choose Prepaid mobile, then Optus.
  4. Choose $15 Optus voucher.
  5. Click End Sale.
    NOTE: If you receive an error that says AUTHENTICATION FAILED go back to setup > epay setup and check you typed the Username, Password and Terminal ID correctly. If you still get the error call epay.
  6. Click on Previous Sales or press F3 on the keyboard.
  7. Select the sale with the $15 Optus voucher.
  8. Click Refund.
  9. End the sale.
  10. A receipt should print with information about the sale and a message "This refund has been successfully processed".






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    Does the integrated Epay include integration for the Opal top up system?

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    what a loud of crap no one will help me set up epay